Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's About Time!

Ha! It's only taken me four months to finally post something on my blog! LOL! As you all know, life has been quite busy these past few months and I'd like to give y'all a little update all the way from Abilene :0)

Our orders to Italy have been canceled! It was a bit surprising, but I am so glad that we will be staying in Texas! What's really scary is that I ended up having Levi the day we were supposed to fly to Italy! Who knows if I would have gone into labor while in the air (that's a scary thought)! So now, after Hilario finishes up his contract with the Air Force, we will be moving to Fort Worth. We're hoping to be there by August of this year! YAY! I can't wait to be near family and friends's too bad NJ isn't closer to Fort Worth...(we've missed you Stacy!)

Levi Rylan Flores
Our new little bundle of joy, Levi, was born on January 27th and weighed 5lbs 2oz! He decided to come 5 weeks early and caught me by surprise one night! I guess these Flores boys don't want to miss a thing! :) But you know, I really can't complain because both pregnancies were practically flawless (aside from them being premature) and I had no major complications during the labor and delivery. Now, both boys are happy and healthy! Levi is growing so fast and Rio finally said his first word..."Baby" :) I am one proud momma! 

Rio's Birthday Celebration!
Rio turned a year old on February 9th and we had a little family get together over the weekend. I am so grateful my mom, Chuy, Lisa, Isaiah, Mayah, Jeff and Sue were able to make it to Abilene to celebrate Rio's first birthday! Y'all should have seen him! He was having the time of this life with his cousins! There's nothing like spending quality time with those you love most. Here are a few pictures from that weekend:

And this completes my first official post! Woo-hoo! Hope y'all enjoyed! :0)

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