Sunday, May 8, 2011

Amazing Mommas!

I am so thankful to be surrounded by amazingly loving and supportive moms. I wasn't always aware of how strong and composed my mother truly is, but through the years, she has been a constant in my life, as well as an inspiring example. As if that weren't enough, I've recently acquired a compassionate, loving and thoughtful Mother-in-law who demonstrates her love for me and the boys in a multitude of ways! I am so very grateful that we actually get along and not fall into the "mother-in-law cilche" :) So, here's a little tribute to all the wonderful mommies that I've had the pleasure of learning from and aspire to be like in so many ways. Love you all! 

My Mami Linda! I am so blessed to have such a brutally honest mother! haha! She says it like it is and I can always count on her to be direct with me and have my best interest at heart.

This is my bestie Lisa and also my "go-to" mom. I can always count on her to give me advice with the kiddos and with the hubs. Even though I didn't grow up having a sister, Lisa has filled that void in my life and words can not express how lucky my family is to have her.
My Mother-in-law Sue! She is always so willing to take care of the boys, which consequently makes her a fun-loving Nana. Sue is probably one of the most thoughtful people I know...always thinking of me and the kids. :)

Even though I don't have pictures of my kind, compassionate and dear friend Stacy, she is also someone I admire as a mother and wife. I love her way of gentle in nature and always with a smile on her face and a warm, welcoming attitude. Lastly, Belky, I am enthralled with the way in which she has raised her three boys. I only hope that my boys are half as educated and proper as hers! 

Hats off to all you amazing mommies! Love you all! XOXO!

OH! How did you spend your Mother's Day this year?


  1. We didn't have much money, so we weren't able to make it to Fort Worth, which is sad because this is the first year I've spent Mother's Day without my mother... Thankfully though, my hubby made it special by buying me a card from Rio and Levi and a beautiful mirror from Kirkland's! I love, Love, LOVE it! We also went out to eat...Cici's with the kiddos! Lol!

  2. Haven't been by in a while, just passing through to catch up with you. I feel so honored to be part of your special mommies blog. You are an amazing mother yourself. You are dedicated to providing a loving environment for your boys to grow up in and I can see in their happy little faces that they feel loved. I'm glad that your hubby made your day special and you were able to have a day out with the family. We spent the day at the Mayfest with the kids. We had lots of fun but the heat drained us so much Jesse and I were still feeling the effects on Monday and passed out right after dinner. Lol
    Love you all and can't wait to see y'all again.

  3. Happy Mother's Day to you, momma of two! (un verso sin esfuerzo, as my hubby would say) My congratulations are a little late, but heartfelt. :o) I've gotta say, your mom's honesty is harsh but refreshing. There is so much hypocrisy every where. Thanks for saying such sweet things about me. Love you dearly and miss you lots. I wrote a post over on my blog about what I did for Mother's Day, so come on over and visit. :o)

  4. Ugh! So aggravating! I was just over at lisa's rewriting a comment I'd left her that got deleted Friday when blogger had a big problem. I then thought I should come over here and check to be sure the comment I had left you hadn't gotten deleted and ....sure enough. No comment. Don't know if you read the comment I had written before it disappeared but I'll rewrite it now, in case you didn't. I love that picture of you with your mom. (ok, I didn't say that last time but I should have. lol!) I find your mom's honesty to be harsh yes, but refreshing. I'm really fed up with the hypocrisy of so many. Thank you so much for the sweet things you said about me. I love you like a sister girly. The little that I've been around you as you interact with Rio (levi was still in your tummy) I could see what a great momma you are. Miss you and hope we can see each other soon. I posted all about my Mother's Day outing on my blog so you can see what we did. Hugs and kisses for you and the kiddo's. Please show Rio pictures of me religiously every night so he will know who I am. :o)

    Ok, officially, this is the longest post ever.

  5. Lisa, I was so excited today to see the three new posts on your blog! The boys look so adorable in those pictures, oh my! I really love the one with Rio showing he is DONE with his hands up in the air. Lol too cute.
    Your post about your mom was beautiful. I really admire her faithfulness through the years. You are very fortunate to have her. I am glad you had a nice mother's day out (with the kids!). We went out to eat too and then took a walk in the park which, although not terribly exciting, was really enjoyable for me. lol. I will be adding your blog to my sidebar so I can keep up with your new posts.


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