Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My First Project

Okay, so there are some pretty amazing remodeling blogs out there and this is definitely not one of them! LOL! However, I've take the first step into transforming old, dingy pieces of furniture into something fresh and vivid. A girl on base was giving this coffee table away on FB and I snatched up right away. All I used was a Dark Walnut stain and some sand paper to give it a newer look. 
Poor little coffee table...so gross and dreary...
But a little stain, goes a long way!
It's not much...but it's certainly a start :)


  1. Wow Lisa! What a huge difference! It looks really good in that dark walnut. Bet if the girl on base saw it now, she'd want it back. :o) I love old furniture transformations because you get great looking stuff that's unique and customized to your taste, and pay next to nothing for it. Keep the projects coming! Love and miss you. Hugs and kisses to your little men. Say hi to your hubby for me.


    *Got some news. I'll be emailing you soon. (no, I'm not pregnant) :o)

  2. Congrats on a job well done on your 'first project'. It looks so much better in the darker stain, it looks like it's been brought back to life. Now that you've gotten your 'toes wet', I'm sure it won't be long before you're posting another great project. Love and miss you and the family. :)

  3. Yay! You joined the club! It looks beautiful and it is always a bonus when the piece is free. What brand of walnut stain did use? I have a pine coffee table that I need to do something to and that stain looks like the perfect color. Great job Lisa.

  4. I miss my Lisa!! Post pics of the boys girly and write a line or two. Wanna here from you. Love you bunches.


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