Monday, May 2, 2011

Boys Will be Boys!

"Being a Mother of boys is hard work 
from son up to son down!" :)

What an amazing sight to see your precious boys grow and develop a little more each day and absorb everything you teach them. At three month of age, Levi has already started cooing, recognizing faces and smiling every time we talk to him (he will be laughing in no time). Big brother, Rio, is finally WALKING and getting his creative juices flowing through finger painting! He has recently developed an enthusiasm for books which drives him to follow me around the house with a random book in hand. Lol! I am literally enthralled with my boys 'cause they are so stinkin' cute (if I do say so myself :o))! Below, are a few pictures of the boys that capture a bit of their personalities! I hope y'all enjoy!
Levi has such a sweet-nature about him. I get this look and reaction from him every time I talk to the little guy :0)

Only a year old and already working with his tools...just like daddy!

Mi ninito LINDO!

Rio and his books! Thankfully, Tia Lisa and Mayah have stocked up our collection :)

This is how Rio tells me that he is finished. Whether it be eating, painting, soon as those arms go up, he's done!

Love y'all! xoxo!



  1. Lisa, they are so precious! Seeing the pictures takes me back to when my kiddos were that little. They are so adorable at that age! Thanks so much for posting. Really wanted to see the boys and here from you. My favorite picture? Rio with his little arms in the air. All done! Super cute. Levi is getting so big. Those sweet little smiles just melted my heart. Enjoy every minute of this time Lisita. They grow up so fast. Love you and miss you so much. Hugs and kisses for you and the boys.

  2. Oh my goodness! Could those boys be any cuter? Levi looks so sweet with his adorable smile. As for Rio, he is growing into a little man using tools and reading books now. Mayah was so happy the other day when you told her one of his favorite books was one she gave him. She told me, Jesse, Isaiah, and my parents about it. :)
    I can see by the pictures that you're wasting no time in enjoying the time you have with your boys while they are young. As Stacy said, they grow up so fast.


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