Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Day at the Park

I had forgotten the excitement and anticipation that emerge within a child when their little eyes catch a glimpse of such a delightful and extraordinary place such as the park. Rio recreates these feelings every time we stroll pass the park and as a result, we go almost everyday! He could literally spend hours there if I let him! So here are a few pictures of Rio playing away, while little brother Levi, enjoys the cool breeze of a beautiful spring day at the park.

One of Rio's many faces!

Levi just likes to relax in the stroller under the shade :) It won't be too long before he and big brother play together at the park!

Auntie Mandy Loves hanging out with the boys!


  1. We don't have a yard so we go to the park a lot, well, weather permitting. It is just now starting to warm up a little over here! (Still went down to 40 last night but temp. goes up during the day) Longest winter ever! :o) There is a park walking distance from our house that we go to and the kids love. Love seeing pictures of the boys. Keep 'um comin'! Love you girly!

  2. It must be so nice to have a park so close by. We don't go to often but when we do, the kids love it. Rio always makes the cutest faces in pictures. Now that he's bigger, I bet he loves the park even more. As for little brother, my he is growing so fast. He already looks different since the last time I saw him. Glad you've been able to blog a little more lately. I'm trying to be a little bit better myself but sometimes life gets too busy over here. :)


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